Regenerative Investment

Doing well by doing good.


Regenerative was seeded with funds created through many generations of deliberate entreprenurial work. Our goal is to honor this legacy by investing in companies whose core value is tied to enabling a better and more sustainable world. Ours is an aggressively profit seeking fund with concentrated positions, a strong appetite for risk, hell-bent on doing well by doing good.

Our Approach

Regenerative's investment philosophy is defined by our passion to integrate impact with innovation.  We see opportunity in non-linear thinking and collaboration across disciplines and play an active role in the development and incubation of our different investment projects. 

We seek to craft compelling and impactful investment portfolios by combining our diverse experience across a range of industries, including:

  • Art, fashion, and film
  • Real estate
  • Design
  • Hospitality
  • Sustainable development
  • Alternative energy
  • Technology

By leveraging a robust and sophisticated global experience with a proactive approach, we endeavor to provide a conscientious, creative, and cutting-edge contribution to the world of sustainable investment.

This is a closed fund and does not accept any outside investors.